BMC is a Swiss high end bike brand with a emphasis on technology and a very specific design. Thanks to their large research and develope department BMC Switzerland is able to develope bike of the highest level. Every prototype is being tested by the pro-riders before a frame will be available to the general public. The technology of the top frames can be found in all models. The wide offer makes sure that every cyclist can find his perfect bike.

As we are a VELOLOFT, we always have a wide variety of bikes on stock. Thanks to their knowledge of the BMC bikes our staff will be able to advise you which bike is perfect for you. We also offer the possiblity to test ride several bikes.

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Stromer is the premium e-bike. As one of the leading brands in the speed pedelec range, the Stromer will change your opinion about daily commuting. Thanks to its innovative design and its carefully selected equipment the e-bike will give you a unique riding experience. A test ride will certainly convince you of its qualities. Ask for your test ride today.
The VELOLOFT is best dealer of the year 2017. Our trained mechanics have many years of experience with the Stromer e-bikes and will be able to help you with all your problems or repairs.

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Bergamont is a German bike brand with a large range. In their offer you can find city, kids and e-bikes but also race, mountain or downhill bikes. We've selected the bikes best suited for you. We've got a wide offer of Bergamont E-ville & E-line electric bikes with Bosch engines completed with a selection of great price value ratio city bikes and mountainbikes. Of course we didn't forget about the young cyclists and added the Bergamont kids bikes too.

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